Warranty service

Hubsolar provides a warranty service for the devices sold. Most of these products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, some of them give us authorization and authorization to conduct free warranty repairs. In this case, the manufacturer's role is to train Hubsolar employees, provide remote assistance and supply spare parts. Some devices are subject to the complaint process directly with the manufacturer.

Post-warranty service

In addition, we provide maintenance, cleaning and repair services for devices in the post-warranty period. Because we know how important these products are to our customers, we strive to effectively extend the life of each device.

In justified cases, we are asking manufacturers for help and repairing devices, but we know that it usually involves high costs. Shipments of products, in particular to the USA or China significantly increase the cost of repair, which is why we try to repair as many products as possible by ourselves.

If the repair proves impossible or unprofitable, we try to offer a discount for the purchase of a new product.

If you have problems with products purchased from us, please call or write to us necessarily. We will try to help in each case.