Our proposal is a turnkey prepared, modern solution producing electricity from the sun using a photovoltaic set. As part of our services, we will optimally select, design, install and help you obtain financing for your purchase. After installation, we will help in completing the formalities related to the receipt of energy sale with your operator. We will also provide modules, inverters, accessories and fixings in accordance with the prepared project. After installing the set, you will receive constant online access to information on the size and parameters of energy produced and consumed. Thanks to this, you will be able to optimize costs and increase savings, and at the same time you will add your brick to reduce the negative impact of human activities on the environment. If you are interested in the details of our offer, arrange a meeting during which we will select the most optimal technical and financial solution for you.

The highest quality components

We use inverters, photovoltaic modules and mounting systems of the best manufacturers available on the market to assemble the installation. Our installation design contains optimal solutions to meet the needs of our customers. After designing and carrying out measurements by our specialists, the installation is mounted on the roof or ground - depending on the customer's needs. Always the fixings are correctly selected for the type of construction and roofing.. 

Editing is a matter of pride for us

The safe and damage-free assembly of modules and the entire installation is our priority. All work is carried out in compliance with all the regulations, standards and manufacturer's recommendations. We do not employ people from round-ups. All our specialists have the appropriate qualifications confirmed by state exams and certificates. They underwent necessary and supplementary training, finishing them with exams with very good results. They have repeatedly had the opportunity to present their knowledge and skills during assembly at customers satisfied with our services.

Optimal PV installation

We always try to find the optimal solution for the client. Adapted primarily to the customer's demand for electricity, but also to the mounting location and the associated slope, mounting surface, direction of the sun and potential shadows. Where required, we offer solutions based on microwave ovens mounted directly under the module. In these solutions, shadows, dirt and power loss of a single module do not affect the operation of the rest of the installation. For less complex roofs, we offer cheaper solutions with a central inverter.

Installment installment in the amount of the electricity bill. Higher return on investment than on a bank deposit.

The entire investment can be financed with a loan in which the installment is close to the amount that the customer paid for the supplier's electricity bill until the time of installation. We will help in completing all formalities related to obtaining a loan. So, it's worth replacing your energy bills with a low loan installment. The rate of return on investment is over six times higher than the interest rate on deposits available on the market. Installments are paid for approximately 8 years, and the installation should work for at least 25 years. After repayment, you have free energy without electricity bills.

In addition, you can currently benefit from various subsidies for photovoltaic installation. More on the subsidies page.

Monitor and manage

With the options available in most inverters, the householder can manage energy production and consumption. A dedicated remote application provides him with information on how much energy he produces, and how much surplus he has. With the customer's consent, we can also monitor the installation and, if necessary, react as soon as possible to irregularities detected in the installation. The surplus is stored in the power grid of your electricity supplier. You can use 80% of the surplus produced in one year. We encourage you to use it for heating your home in winter using infrared heaters, which we also have in our offer and can be installed.

Warranty for 25 years

Our offer includes photovoltaic modules, whose producers give a 25-year warranty on the efficiency of photovoltaic modules. Producing electricity from the sun, an installation purchased for credit returns on average after 8 years, and without credit - after 6. Continuous increases in electricity prices will cause the payback time to be shortened. The life of the modules is up to 38 years, so for at least 30 years electricity gives pure profit - both for your pocket and for the environment. Our services are also covered by a warranty, and we provide both warranty and post-warranty service. Obtaining a subsidy and taking advantage of a thermal insulation discount will cause that the payback time will be even shorter and the installation will bring even greater profits.